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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Basic Emotions

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Ten Most Basic or Distinct Human Emotions

(Refer the earlier post that gives a very comprehensive list of all the human emotions)

1. Interest- excitement

2. Enjoyment- joy

3. Startle- surprise

4. Distress- anguish

5. Rage- anger

6. Disgust- revulsion

7. Contempt- scorn

8. Fear- terror

9. Shame- shyness- humiliation

10. Guilt- remorse

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


You may like to read the related article Emotional Intelligence at

Refer our High Quality Management Encyclopedia “Management Universe” at:

For everything you wanted to know on building leadership and management, refer Shyam Bhatawdekar’s website:

Most Comprehensive List of Emotions and Their Meanings (Alphabetic Order)

  • Acceptance: recognition, approval, favorable reception, agreement
  • Adoration: worship, admiration, reverence
  • Affection: fondness, warmth, care
  • Aggravation: irritation, worsening of a situation
  • Aggressiveness: attacking, fierceness
  • Agitation: anxiety, disturbance
  • Agony: great pain, suffering, intense emotion
  • Alarm: distress signal, fear, warn somebody
  • Alienation: make somebody feel unfriendly, make somebody feel disaffected
  • Amazement: astonishment, strong feeling of wonder or surprise
  • Amusement: feeling something is funny
  • Anger: strong feeling of displeasure
  • Anguish: extreme anxiety
  • Annoyance: feeling of mild anger and impatience
  • Anticipation: feeling of looking forward, usually excitedly or eagerly, to something that is going to happen
  • Anxiety: nervousness or agitation, often about something that is going to happen
  • Appreciation: praise, valuing something highly, gratefulness, full understanding
  • Apprehension: feeling of anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen
  • Arousal: stimulation, provocation, excitement
  • Astonishment: great amazement, often eliciting shock
  • Attraction: magnetism, appealing
  • Aversion: strong feeling of dislike of somebody or something
  • Awe: feeling of amazement and respect mixed with fear that is often coupled with a feeling of personal insignificance or powerlessness
  • Bitterness: mentally painful, very hard to accept, intense hostility
  • Bliss: perfect happiness
  • Boldness: fearless and adventurous
  • Caring/Care: compassionate or showing concern for others
  • Caution: carefulness, warning
  • Cheerfulness: happy and optimistic mood
  • Closeness: involved in a very friendly or affectionate relationship, involving or having regular contact because of a shared interest in something
  • Compassion: sympathy for the suffering of others, often including a desire to help
  • Completion: finishing of something
  • Composure: calm and steady control over the emotions
  • Confusion: state of being perplexed, lack of clarity, disorder
  • Contempt: powerful feeling of dislike toward somebody or something considered to be worthless, inferior, or undeserving of respect
  • Contentment: feeling of calm satisfaction
  • Courage: being brave
  • Cowardice: absence of courage, weakness
  • Cruelty: mercilessness, unkindness, meanness, brutality, nastiness
  • Defeat: failure to win or to realize a goal
  • Dejection: great unhappiness
  • Delight: great enjoyment and pleasure
  • Depression: state of unhappiness and hopelessness
  • Desire: wish, craving, or longing for something
  • Despair: profound feeling that there is no hope
  • Detachment: lack of interest in or involvement with other people or with worldly concerns
  • Disappointment: feeling of being let down
  • Discovery: something learned or found
  • Disgust: strong disapproval or revulsion
  • Dislike: disapproving feeling of not liking something or someone
  • Dismay: feeling of hopelessness, disappointment or discouragement
  • Displeasure: feeling of annoyance or dissatisfaction
  • Disrespect: lack of respect
  • Distress: mental suffering caused by grief, anxiety or unhappiness
  • Dread: feeling of great fear or terror
  • Eagerness: Enthusiastic and excited about doing something
  • Ecstasy: feeling of intense delight
  • Elation: feeling of great happiness and excitement
  • Embarrassment: feeling of painful self-consciousness, uncomfortableness, shame or humiliation
  • Enjoyment: pleasure that results from using or experiencing something
  • Enthrallment: delight or fascinate somebody thoroughly, engaging that person's attention completely
  • Enthusiasm: passionate interest in or eagerness to do something
  • Envy: wanting what somebody else has
  • Euphoria: feeling of great joy, excitement or well-being
  • Exasperation: very angry or frustrated, often by repetition of something annoying
  • Excitement: feeling or condition of lively enjoyment or pleasant anticipation
  • Exhilaration: feel happy, excited, and more than usually vigorous and alive
  • Expectancy/Expectation: excited awareness that something is about to happen
  • Familiarity: closeness and friendliness in a personal relationship, an intimacy that is improper and presumptuous
  • Fear: an unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger, a concern about something that threatens to bring bad news or results
  • Ferocity: rage, cruelty, wildness, viciousness
  • Fondness: feeling love, affection, or preference for somebody or something
  • Fright: a sudden intense feeling of being threatened or in danger
  • Frustration: a feeling of disappointment, exasperation, or weariness caused by goals being thwarted or desires unsatisfied
  • Fury: a state of excited or frenetic activity, an outburst of violent anger

  • Gaiety:

  • Gain:

  • Generosity:

  • Gladness:

  • Glee:

  • Gloom:

  • Glumness:

  • Greed:

  • Grief:

  • Grouchiness:

  • Grumpiness:

  • Guilt:

  • Happiness:

  • Hate/Hatred;

  • Homesickness:

  • Hope:

  • Hopelessness:

  • Horror:

  • Hostility:

  • Humiliation:

  • Hurt:

  • Hysteria:

  • Incompleteness:

  • Indifference:

  • Infatuation:

  • Innocence:

  • Insecurity:

  • Insult:

  • Interest:

  • Irritation:

  • Isolation:

  • Jealousy:

  • Jolliness:

  • Joviality:

  • Joy:

  • Jubilation:

  • Liking:

  • Loathing:

  • Loneliness:

  • Longing:

  • Loss:

  • Love:

  • Lust:

  • Melancholy:

  • Misery:

  • Modesty:

  • Mortification:

  • Mystery:

  • Neglect:

  • Nervousness:

  • Optimism:

  • Outrage:

  • Pain:

  • Panic:

  • Passion:

  • Patience:

  • Pity:

  • Pleasure:

  • Pride:

  • Privacy:

  • Rage:

  • Rapture:

  • Rashness:

  • Regret:

  • Rejection:

  • Relaxation:

  • Relief:

  • Remorse:

  • Repentance:

  • Repulsion:

  • Resentment:

  • Respect:

  • Revulsion:

  • Sadness:

  • Satisfaction:

  • Scorn:

  • Security:

  • Sentimentality:

  • Shame:

  • Shock:

  • Sorrow:

  • Spite:

  • Stress;

  • Subjection:

  • Submission:

  • Suffering:

  • Surprise:

  • Sympathy:

  • Tenderness:

  • Tenseness:

  • Terror:

  • Thrill:

  • Timidity:

  • Togetherness:

  • Tolerance:

  • Torment:

  • Triumph:

  • Uneasiness:

  • Unhappiness:

  • Vengefulness:

  • Weariness:

  • Woe:

  • Wonder:

  • Worry:

  • Wrath:

  • Zeal:

  • Zest:

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